After 30 months, the project GENEUS – Gender Neutral Tools and Tests for selection processes is concluded. GENEUS is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme – KA2: Strategic Partnership | VET. It involves 6 partners in 5 different countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

The GeNeus project aims to develop, promote and mainstream a Set of Tools and Tests of Gender-Neutral Recruitment Processes.

The lifecycle of the project includes different phases which aim at improving recruitment and evaluation processes in the labour market and professional education, focusing on gender equality in performance and aptitude testing.

The main objectives of the project were the following:

  1. To get an overview of the reality, demands and gaps of the selection processes in different environments
  2. To assess and analyse these processes, with a gender-neutral perspective
  3. To produce and deliver useful and free tools guaranteeing a gender-neutral approach in testing candidates.

During the last 30 months, partners have developed tools and tests, validating them by involving more than 1000 people in all the involved countries. After consulting stakeholders from all the interested fields, the partnership managed to achieve the results that have been planned.

The partnership of GeNeus has developed the following products:

  • Generic report on national testing processes: based on a desk research and several interviews, this report collects information on how SMEs, Public Administration and Post-Secondary Professional Education deal with selection processes and testing system in Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal and Spain.
  • Set of Gender-Neutral Selection Tools and Test: based on best practices and needs assessed, this document contains examples of Selection Tools for different areas of implementation in education and employment. The tools developed were tested with more than 1000 people: they were statistically analysed and – based on these results – tools have been developed and finalized.
  • Guide on Implementation of Selection Tools and Test: this guide provides support on the implementation of the GeNeus gender-neutral tools and tests, ensuring its adequate utilization and guaranteeing a relevant and smooth implementation. The tools finally developed are as follows:
  • A Job Analysis Template;
  • A General Competencies for Employment Questionnaire;
  • Problem-solving Exercises;
  • An Interview Template;
  • An Evaluation Checklist of the applicant.
  • Sets of Application of Gender-Neutral Testing for SMEs: the Guide is a crucial document to support SMEs in implementing the selection process avoiding gender bias, focusing the usage of these gender-neutral tools on the working profile and competences needed by the SMEs context.
  • Set of Application of Gender-Neutral Testing for Public Administration: Together with the suggestions on the implementation of the gender-neutral tools, the document gives space to a decalogue addressed to the Public Administration Sector on gender neutral in guidance, recruitment and selection process to avoid gender biases.
  • Set of Application of Gender-Neutral Testing for Post-Secondary Professional Education: addressed to decision makers in job orientation centres regarding study choice at high school and university level, post-secondary education institutes, it gives an overview on Post-Secondary Professional Education in Europe, focusing on the sector in each partner country.

The project GeNeus- Gender Neutral Tools and Tests for selection processes is concluded, but the above-mentioned results will remain at your disposal for the sustainability of the project.

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