Equal educational and equal professional opportunities for both men and women, reducing also the dropout rate and improving the succeeding rate for women in recruitment and selection processes, are the main objects of GeNeus “Gender Neutral Tools and Test for Selection Processes” Erasmus+ (Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training).

This EU funded project aims at reducing gender inequalities in the selection processes, developing and promoting a Set of Gender Neutral Selection Tools and Test.

Developed by a consortium of six European organizations in five countries – Frauen im Brennpunkt (Austria, Coordinator), Bimec Ltd. (Bulgaria), Inova+ (Portugal), Servicio Regional de Empleo y Formacion de la Region de Murcia (Spain), Instituto Politecnico do Porto (Portugal) and the Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci, (Italy) – the project is now focusing on the phase of assessment of the produced selection tests.

The target involves people from the 9th grade to yearly faculty graduates, postsecondary students (1st year in university), employees in SMEs and unemployed people looking for jobs in public agencies.

The test is composed by 20 multiple choices questions on the frequency with which people commonly adopt a particular behavior in different situations. Furthermore, three case studies investigate the personal approach and problem-solving skills of respondents in specific situations.

The project will foster equal opportunities of both genders in the equal access to jobs and education. For this reason, your contribution is essential for the creation of more equal testing tools.

Complete the test that you find at the following link and contribute to this EU funded project!

Each answer will remain completely anonymous. With the results of the collected answers it will be possible to design tools which will potentially serve as basis for the next selection processes in both the educational and professional field.

For further information please follow us on our Facebook page and on the project webpage.