The Regional Minister of Employment, Research and Universities of the Region of Murcia, Miguel Motas, opened today the presentation of the final results of the project GeNeus – Gender Neutral Tools and Tests for Selection Processes developed over two years with the aim of reducing gender differences in the selection processes.

This European initiative, in which the Regional Employment and Training Service (SEF) has participated together with five other EU organisations and institutes, has developed neutral recommendations and selection tests, based on field work that has included surveys for citizens, company representatives, human resources technicians and public employment service workers.

The conclusions highlight the importance of avoiding the unconscious bias that makes the interviewers subjected by a judgement based on previous experience, their values ​​or their established beliefs. For this, it is recommended that the job interview must be standardized for all candidates and based on objectivity.

The conclusions of the European programme add that, although the selection processes are looking for the person who best suits the position, the lack of a systematic procedure implies the fact that sometimes the selection can be based on criteria that are not very objective. These criteria tend to disadvantage more women, whose issues not specifically related to the required skills for the position are taken into account.