Presentation of tests and selection tools for work or training

On 30 October Bimec has organized the presentation and the workshop for practical implementation of free of charge tests and recruitment tools created by the Geneus project with the support of the Erasmus+ KA2, Strategic Partnerships programme. In the event, more than...

Conclusions to reduce gender discrimination in the selection processes have been presented today

The Regional Minister of Employment, Research and Universities of the Region of Murcia, Miguel Motas, opened today the presentation of the final results of the project GeNeus - Gender Neutral Tools and Tests for Selection Processes developed over two years with the...

The GeNeus final rush: multiplier events and publication of the final results

Achieving a selection process that is free of bias (such as gender bias) is not only a just objective for all types of employers and recruiters, it is also the smart thing to do. Unbiased recruiting allows companies, organizations, etc. to access a diverse and...

Contribute to the reduction of gender inequalities in the selection processes: GeNeus questionnaire

Equal educational and equal professional opportunities for both men and women, reducing also the dropout rate and improving the succeeding rate for women in recruitment and selection processes, are the main objects of GeNeus “Gender Neutral Tools and Test for...

Promoting equal opportunities in the access to the labour market

Have you ever considered that the tests and interviews carried out by SMEs, recruitment agencies, public administrations and universities could favour men rather than women? How and at which level this phenomenon has an impact on the women’s access to the labour...

GeNeus: Reducing Gender inequalities in performance evaluations

A goal of social protection systems and social inclusion policies is that they promote equality between women and men. According to Eurostat data, across the EU-28, the proportion of men of working age in the employmentexceeded than women by 11.6%. Besides, gender...

Gender Neutral Tools and Test for Selection Processes

Moving toward social inclusion

GeNeus will impact in women’s life by


Reducing the drop out

Improving their succeeding rate in testings


Contributing to equal educational and professional opportunities for men and women



  • To develop, promote and mainstream a Set of Gender Neutral Selection Tools and Test
  • To improve equal opportunities of both genders in educational and professional access to jobs and education
  • To provide EU organisations with free selection tools, and their proper use instructions

Timeline & Outputs

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